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‘I lost my virginity’

I am really asking for advice here. Please let me know if you have been in a similar situation or if you have general advice to help.



When you are pregnant or trying for a child you are given so much information. You learn everything from if you want to immunize your children to what kind of diapers to buy. It can be overwhelming to anyone. First off, stop. Take a deep breath. It will be okay. Your child will not die… Continue reading NEED TO KNOW!



I am not sure if you have heard of this family or their YouTube channel. I am not one to question someones parenting styles but there is a difference when you are a witness of abuse. The definition of abuse is : 1. use (something) to bad effect or for a bad purpose; misuse. 2.… Continue reading This is HORRIFIC!


New FOOD?!?!

For anyone who has been through the process of introducing new food to a baby knows how scary it can be! My daughter is 7 months old and is loving finding new things to put in her mouth (unless it's green beans)! However, every time that I went to give her new food, I found myself praying… Continue reading New FOOD?!?!



  First off, my daughter has been sleeping through the night since she was a month old. Now, most people tell me, 'you are so lucky'! HA! Lucky?! I read countless numbers of articles and books and finally got my daughter on a sleeping schedule. After my husband and I spent a month of maybe… Continue reading EVERY MOM READ!