Momming with PTSD (update)

I started this blog because I wanted to show the world the inner mind of someone with Postpartum Depression.

I am not able to do that anymore…

I do not have Postpartum Depression. I recently have found that it is actually Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This changes the way I look at everything. I see a lot of connection to a lot of the hard things I had to go though in this life so far. When I think of PTSD, I think about all the brave men and women of our military that fight in wars to protect us. While I come from a long line of soldiers, I was never one myself.

I didn’t realize how much pushing down all my negative emotions really affected me. I have been very successful in portraying a very happy and positive person. While I love every moment that I am happy, all the negative has been building up and now it is bursting out of me with anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, irritation and panic.

I have no idea how this will affect me or how I will look at things different while going through treatment. I want to be able to still spread the word about depression of all kind.

I have found that surrounding yourself with the things that bring you joy and minimizing the negativity you can control in your life, then you can focus on the positives in this world. I know that when I am with my husband and daughter I feel so much joy.

It is all about holding on to the moments of joy as much as you can.

I want to thank all of my readers for supporting me.

I will still be writing and I have big  plans for the future! Share and spread the word so that more people can see what it is really like living with PTSD and the struggles that it presents everyday. I can’t wait for you all to join me on the journey through dealing with PTSD and the unique challenges that will come with being a wife, mother, and individual.



If you feel like you may be depressed there is help! 


Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24/7) FREE!

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Youtube (coming soon)


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