What does #staymomstrong mean to you?

To mean it means to wake up every morning and put on a happy face. I make sure that no matter how I am feeling inside, my daughter is always taken care of.

It is when you are so sick that you don’t feel like you can function, yet you still get up and makes sure your child has the best day possible.

Being mom strong doesn’t mean staying strong all the time because everyone has their moments of distress. It just means that you try as hard as you can and don’t give up. It is asking for help when you know you need it.

Moms’ have a bear inside them. Just like a mother bear, a mother, will protect her cubs from any danger. Moms’ can gain enough strength to lift a car off a child.

Mothers are a completely different type of human. Mothers are strong for their children and put their children first.

Are  you mom strong?



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