“Great! I am crazy! Now what?”

I feel like it is only fair to let you all know why I haven’t been writing lately.

Lately, I have been having a difficult time. I was informed that I have an unknown extreme anxiety disease. My doctor informed me that their was not much more that she could do for me without just blindly medicating me with out a proper diagnosis. I now have to be seen my a psychiatrist to be evaluated further.

This news hit me hard. My first thought was “Great! I am crazy! Now what?”. I thought that something has to be seriously wrong to skip psychologist and go to a psychiatrist.

I had to take time to come around to this. I slipped into a state of depression and anxiety.

I realized that I had to avoid things that cause me an increase in anxiety until I got into a psychiatrist. This has been especially hard because that includes writing on here, spending time with my family, or going out to a social event.  Lately, I have even avoided church until this evening. I know I have nothing to fear and that God will watch over our family and protect us completely.

Lately, I have had people asking to see my daughter because with my increased anxiety over my diagnosis (ironic) I don’t want my daughter separated from me. This evening at church I was stressed leaving her in the nursery.  However, I right now I know that I have to take my life into my own hands and do what is best for my family and myself.

This also means that I might not be writing on a regular basis but I do still appreciate all my loyal readers who have been checking in with me. I am so blessed to have so many people who care.

I will keep you update as I develop. I know that this is just one challenge in this life that God has given and there will be many more. With faith, I will overcome this battle as I face my subconscious demons.



I will be posting another blog tomorrow. Thank you all for reading and sharing. I love to hear from all of you.

God Bless


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