Ignorance Epidemic!!!

AH! Why is this still a hot topic?


Picture provided by: Whitney Renee Huntwork

This picture has been in circulation since April 28, 2016. This picture has recently stirred up some controversy lately. I look at this picture and see a ‘SuperHero’ mom powering through her day while feeding her child. However, I find that there are some people in this world that don’t understand.

One comment stated:

Nicole N: That’s ridiculous.

Why is this ridiculous? Is it because this woman did not stop her day to sit in her car and feed her child for an hour? Yes, this picture is obviously staged to make a point. The point made is strong and powerful. This is an issue that affects many women.

Nicole N: Yeah not to be rude but breastfeeding is supposed to be a bonding time and this is not bonding and I like to show my children modesty….

Modesty? If that is the point then also be out there protesting every picture that shows a woman’s shoulders or cleavage. Tell those models to cover their body’s to protect your children. This is a natural process that benefits the child for their entire life. This is bonding. However, not all women can stay at home to take care of their children. A mom on the move needs to be able to feed her child whenever and wherever they want. Don’t you think it would be best to educate your children on the natural process of breastfeeding a child and that it is nothing to be ashamed of?

One of my favorite comments to this picture was actually from a man.

Bronson: breasts are meant for breast-feeding. baby humans don’t have their shit together. and i personally would rather have a bunch of babies suckin on titties than a bunch of crying babies in public. so you know what? FEED AWAY YOU BEAUTIFUL GIVERS OF MILK AND LIFE! FEED AWAY!!!

This made me smile, but is true when it says “FEED AWAY YOU BEAUTIFUL GIVERS OF MILK AND LIFE! FEED AWAY!!!”

Ignorance: lack of knowledge or information.

The only way to #normalizebreastfeeding is to gain the knowledge and understanding of the natural process. Although, in this day in age people seem to be sticking to their opinions and don’t accept the information other provide.

Moms these days are scrutinized for so many things. Everyone thinks that their way is the only way. There is not one way to parent. The mothers that are lucky enough to produce the milk and the mothers that strive to produce milk, deserve the right to feed their child whenever they are hungry. They should not have to be ashamed.

Momming is hard as it is… why are people creating all this hate for mothers that are just trying to do the best for their children?

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Just for the hell of it above i posted a picture of my daughter latching to my breast for the first time without a nipple shield. This was a beautiful moment as I struggled everyday to feed her.


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